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House Rules:

it’s a 73 point buy. and adding appearance as an ability.

no evil PC’s

can play level adjusted PCs (drow, tiefling, etc.), but must use the XP leveling from Unearthed Arcana. will only allow up to a +2 level adjustment.

character development: 1 point is given for ability scores at every 4 levels for two abilities
at levels 11, 21, 31, etc. 1 point for all abilities

max gold given at first level

books used to build PC: player’s handbook I & II, Eberron campaign setting, expanded psionic’s handbook, races of series, complete series, book of exalted deeds.

equipment: PHB I & II, ECS, EPH, arms and equipment guide, forgotten realms campaign setting, and ravenloft player’s handbook (I have sheets on the last two settings).

back story: I require a detailed back story on the PC. I do give XP for it.

charts used: leveled weapons/ armor, critical hit and fumble tables, and an XP for skill point/ action point/ feat chart.

hit points: first 10 levels are max HP. levels 11-20 are minimum 1/2 hd.

skill points: all class skills are maxed out at first level. 1 skill point equals 2 skill ranks. Cannot go over max ranks in the skill. with the appropriate backstory, can earn an additional 1-3 skills, from knowledge, craft, or profession

armor and weapons:
armor reducing damage: robes 5%
leather 10% (light armors)
chain 30% (medium armors)
plate 50% (heavy armors)
magic up to 75% on armors
damage rounds up

damage to armor and weapons: every 50 points of damage done to armor, armor loses 5% effectiveness. can repair armor using armorsmith skill and armor maintenance kit.

swords: every three combats, sword loses 1 damage producing point. can be fixed using weaponsmith skill and whetstone.

books used for character development: any D20 (related to dungeons and dragons) books can be used to create a unique character. The only stipulation, is either the player or the DM has to have the book to access the rules involved.

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Main Page

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